Acupuncture Used for Weight Loss

How is acupuncture is used for weight loss? Acupuncture has many weight loss benefits – find out how it can help you!


Acupuncture Relieves Pain in Largest Study of Treatment

*Originally posted Sept 10, 2012 on Photographer: Shelby Ross/Getty Images Acupuncture for Pain Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese therapy that inserts needles into the body, reduced back and neck pain, arthritis and headaches, according to the largest analysis of the treatment. Data compiled from 29 studies of almost 18,000 people found that acupuncture was better… Continue reading Acupuncture Relieves Pain in Largest Study of Treatment

Acupuncture Benefits For Pregnancy

For any women that are pregnant or trying to get pregnant out there, here’s a great little tidbit for you on acupuncture benefits for pregnancy! Acupuncture Benefits for Pregnancy Acupuncture techniques that are intended to treat depression appear to mend symptoms in women that are pregnant, according to a study. This suggests that it may… Continue reading Acupuncture Benefits For Pregnancy