How to find a Licensed Acupuncturist to Treat You

Acupuncture has become a very popular treatment for health related issues of all kinds. You will be able to relieve stress and anxiety along with all sorts of body aches and pains with Traditional Chinese Medicine. As with any healthcare, acupuncture is something that can be risky, as some rogue acupuncturists may try to pass as licensed to naive customer. There are many ways that you can locate a Silver Spring Acupuncture Clinic, and we’ve got some guidelines to help with that search to ensure your safety.

Acupuncture Certification Guidelines

How to find out if an acupuncturist is licensed

Most individual U.S. states control acupuncture licensing, but these states generally work with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) to establish qualification for licensure. NCCAOM is the only nationally accepted certification given to acupuncturists, but having the certification will not automatically mean someone is an accredited acupuncturist. In addition to this assessment, the particular state the acupuncturist will be practicing in might have additional licensure requirements, although acupuncturists are normally required to pass NCCAOM examinations to be licensed. Nowadays, 43 U.S. states plus Washington D.C. work with the NCCAOM to evaluate and control acupuncture licensure. There is one state that manages its own and that’s California. The golden state uses the California Licensing Examination, to give licensure to acupuncturists.

College requirements to become a licensed acupuncturist

In order to properly understand the gravity of choosing a licensed vs. unlicensed acupuncturist, you must also understand the extensive educational background that acupuncturists must have. Accredited acupuncturists attend and graduate from nationally accredited schools of acupuncture. The curriculum takes many years to finish, is generally at a master’s degree, and is supervised by qualified and experienced acupuncturists. Acupuncturists must additionally complete continuing education classes to keep their permit from year to year. After graduating from a program and finishing coursework, most states also require that applicants for licensure and NCCAOM certification examinations pass on subjects like acupuncture with oriental medicine, chinese herbology, and acupuncture point placement. State conditions change as to which NCCAOM examinations must be taken and passed before being given licensure, so acupuncturists are always evolving their knowledge base.

Locating a Licensed Acupuncturist

Ask family and friends

Most people will use word of mouth to find an acupuncturist. You’d be surprised at the number of people who have regular acupuncture treatments. For some, it’s like going to the chiropractor to get your back adjusted– a weekly or bi-weekly treatment to make life easier. You may want to ask your friends or family their opinion on some of the local acupuncturists in y

Licensed Acupuncturists go through training to ensure pin point needle placement.

our area. They may have an acupuncturist that they really like or maybe they have seen an acupuncturist that they did not like. Both are important to note. If a friend has a bad experience with an acupuncturist, be careful. You will find a good many unlicensed practitioners, but you will be putting yourself at more risk than you bargain for if you see someone without a license. If your friends do not see an acupuncturist, perhaps someone they know does. This is the beauty of word of mouth; there is an endless network of opinions and resources.

Ask your physician for a reference

You will find that many of your healthcare professionals have the tools to help you find a licensed acupuncturist in your area. In fact, because of its popularity and effectiveness, many medical professionals are becoming certified acupuncturists. When you’re having health issues, if your doctor ends up recommending that acupuncture is a method of treatment, then they will be able to recommend someone for you to go and see.

Searching online for a licensed acupuncturist

A lot of people will also go online and find an acupuncturist to help them relieve their pain. Because most states require acupuncturists to be licensed, there is also a database of competent acupuncture practitioners. If you look up the American Association of Oriental Medicine, you will be able to find acupuncturist nation wide. This association is comprised of state acupuncture and medical boards. Besides the nationwide search, there are also links to each state medical board or acupuncture licensing department, where you may also search for licensed practitioners near you.
If you are looking for an acupuncturist, you will find that there are many resources that will allow you to feel safe and comfortable with your choice. You will want to make sure that you see the credentials of the acupuncturist before you end up scheduling an appointment with one. Also, you may want to arrange a meeting with your acupuncturist to learn about how they go about their practice and how they handle the professional end of the process. Hopefully these guidelines will help ensure that you find a good acupuncturist, because your health and wellness is paramount. Cheers!


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